5 Part Course: Considerations For Designing IHC Procedures

5 Part Course:
Considerations For Designing Immunohistochemical Procedures

How to get exceptional IHC staining

If you've ever struggled to get exceptional IHC staining, you are not alone. We've created a new free five part IHC video training series that shows you exactly:

  • How to select your reagents depending on your experimental priorities
  • How to use ancillary reagents to improve your results
  • How to optimize your protocol
  • When to use advanced detection protocols

Big problems cannot be solved in isolation.

Science requires the collaboration and sharing of ideas.The problem is that we don't always have the time to travel across the country to every interesting conference that catches our eye.

That's why we created “Considerations For Designing Immunohistochemical Procedures”.

It is a five part video series that delivers you hundreds of actionable insights in a fast, free, and in convenient format that is on your terms. Save your spot now!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Erika Leonard, Director of Quality Control & Senior Research Histologist at Vector Laboratories. When it comes to getting exceptional IHC staining - clear, accurate results are essential.

The decisions you make before you pipet one drop can impact your final results. This course will equip you to better understand the considerations at each step of the protocol so that you can create a better plan and get exceptional IHC staining.

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40 years in business

"Thank you so, so much for these videos!I have spent the day watching them all with interest and think they are excellent. The topics covered are perfect and the information is given in an even and sensible manner."

David Essex, Laboratory Manager for the Department of Eye Pathology, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL

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