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IHC Multiplexing

Learn single, double, and triple color IHC staining

Being able to visualize multiple targets simultaneously is important in research to understand the co-expression and spatial localization of different cell types. It's difficult to use one-color immunohistochemistry to identify multiple cell types and targets in tissue samples. The Multiplexing Guide will walk you through all of the steps and considerations for creating stunning multicolor IHC images.

This guide was written as a resource to aid investigators new to IHC, for labs expanding their IHC applications to include multiple antigen labeling and to those investigators looking for methods to streamline double or triple antigen staining on the same tissue section.

While there are other approaches to double and triple antigen staining, the procedures and products featured in this brochure are known to generate clear, unambiguous localization of the target antigens.

What's inside:

  • How to select reagents
  • Double staining protocols
  • Multiplexing with polymer detection systems
  • Multiple antigen labeling with Avidin-Biotin Complex (ABC) kits
  • Mouse on mouse double labeling
  • FAQs